Electric Wok AHEW-6195

American Heritage Electric Wok AHEW-6195


This Electric Wok offers plenty of space to cook up large portion of delicious asian-style dishes!  Different flavors call for various cooking temperatures, that's...

Electric Ceramic Coating Grill AHEG-6196
Sold out

American Heritage Electric Grill Ceramic Coating AHEG-6196


This Electric Grill is a great addition to any kitchen! It can help you prepare flavorful breakfast platter in one spacious non-stick ceramic grill....

Electric Smokeless BBQ Grill AHSBQ-6237

American Heritage Smokeless BBQ Electric Grill AHSBQ-6237

₱2,900.00 ₱3,999.00

PRODUCT FEATURES Diecast grill Non-stick frying fan with lid Oil drip drawer-pan - creates steam to make food juicy and collects oil drippings Temperature control...



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