Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machines

Thinking of buying a washing machine but conflicted between choosing top or front loaders? 

When purchasing a washing machine, it is essential to know and understand what you’re looking for. Top load and front load machines have their differences, and it’s always going to depend on your needs and preferences. That is why, in today's blog, we will be featuring the American Heritage Top Load 9.0 KG Washing Machine and Front Load 7.5 KG Washing Machine Inverter, with a breakdown of their distinctions and key benefits to help you figure out in deciding which one to choose.


The basket of the top-load washing machine is mounted vertically. The impeller of a top-load washing machine is responsible for whirling the clothing in a circular motion, and the alternating movement generates friction, which eliminates dirt from the clothes.

The basket of a front-load washing machine, on the other hand, is placed horizontally. Some paddles assist the circulation of the clothing and agitate in the water as the basket spins, which also helps remove dirt from the clothes by producing friction.

What’s the take: The front load washing machine is ideal for gentle washes as its paddles pick up the clothes and drop them in the water, whereas the top load washing machine has an impeller that grabs and creates friction to clean the clothes. Though both are designed with wash cycles so you can still monitor and adjust the way you want your clothes to be cleaned. 

Which Saves More Water? 

The front load washing machine usually saves more water and detergent because they can wash clothing by scooping them up and repeatedly putting them into the wash water.  The front-loading machine's gravity-assisted washing procedure also eliminates the need to fill a pool of water to soak the clothes. As opposed to the front load washing machine, the top load washes clothes by allowing them to float in water.

But since the front load washing machine uses less water, the wash cycle can take longer, which can be a downside in some cases. 

Space Consumption

Here’s a table that shows the space capacities of each appliance: 

Product Size

American Heritage Top Load 9.0 KG Washing Machine

American Heritage Front Load 7.5 KG Washing Machine Inverter


54.00 cm

60.00 cm


56.20 cm

59.50 cm


93.00 cm 

85.00 cm

Before you purchase, it’s essential to measure the space to ensure a proper fit. The front-load washing machine has a swing door and works well with tall and narrow spaces because they can be stacked in areas with low overhead cabinets. On the other hand, the top-load washing machine is excellent in elevated spaces as long as you can open its lid fully. 

Electricity Usage

Almost 60% of the electricity a washing machine consumes is required to heat the water for cooling, while the electric motor consumes only 30% to 40% of the power.

As such, front-loaded washers use less water to wash the same amount of clothes as top-loaded washers, so they consume less electricity to heat this water volume (because they use less water), resulting in savings of up to 33%.

Smart Features

Both washing machines are designed with smart features like wash cycles and child lock functions for safety. Though when it comes to advanced features, the Front Load 7.5 KG Washing Machine Inverter prevails. Though some of these features doesn’t necessarily mean you need them, it helps your laundry more convenient and efficient. 


We can clearly say that the Front Load 7.5 KG Washing Machine Inverter is priced more than that of the American Heritage Top Load 9.0 KG Washing Machine. But this does not mean that the latter is less in quality and performance because it still does its purpose of doing your laundry. The only difference is that the front load has more features like the 3D Intelligent Stability System and Heat Wash which is not present on the top load washing machine. 

Bottomline - What's better?

The Front Load 7.5 KG Washing Machine Inverter’s feature set is typically superior to the top-loading washer. Although it is expensive, its overall cleaning performance is excellent. Compact front-loading washers can be placed beneath the countertop or stacked in a closet if you need to accommodate the washer in a smaller space.

On the other hand, the American Heritage Top Load 9.0 KG Washing Machine is quicker to load and unload, includes a tub of water for presoak, and is less expensive to maintain than front-loading washers. If you want a faster and simpler wash, a top-loading washing machine is the way to go.

Then again, it all comes down to your preferences and the specific needs you’re looking for. Nevertheless, both washing machines do their job doing your laundry and making your cleaning duties more convenient.




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