Top 5 Hair-Drying Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Styling your hair just appears to be simpler when you have a hairdryer at your disposal. Despite how quickly and easily it performs the job, like any other hot equipment, your hairdryer may do severe harm to your hair if used wrong.

That’s why in today’s blog, we’re breaking down the top 5 mistakes you may already be making and how to avoid them. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Mistake #1: Hair-Drying with Wet Hair 

Yes, this is the most common mistake people make when hair-drying. If you think hair-drying can quickly remove excess wetness from your hair and straight go into styling, you’re making a big mistake!

By not allowing your hair to air dry before using a hairdryer, you'll likely cause your hair to frizz and cause damage from the heat. 

Avoid this mistake: Allow your hair to dry for a few minutes before hair-drying. This decreases the amount of time required for the actual hair to dry and is less likely to cause frizziness and heat damage.

Mistake #2: Not hair-drying from root to tip

Most people begin hair-drying their hair from the ends and work their way up. You can’t imagine how this approach would leave your hair frizzy and flat. And if you feel like your arms are sore from a long session of hair-drying? Well, this is most likely from starting to hair-dry in the wrong place. 

Avoid this mistake: Begin pulling your hair up from root to tip, starting at your front hairline. You can keep repeating these strokes with the dryer until the area is dry.

Mistake #3: Not sectioning your hair

Trying to dry your hair all at once does not only make your hair tangle, but rather it’ll be hard to achieve even results as well. 

Avoid this mistake: Divide your hair into three to four sections, and then brush each area with a medium to a large round brush. To minimize flyaways and seal the hair follicle, round the brush near the root or pin the sections and hair-dry with a low setting.

Mistake #4: Your hair-dry setting is too hot

While the hottest setting may do the job quicker, it’s not doing any good to your hair and can lead to more damaged and frizzled hair in the long run, especially when you’re doing this approach frequently. 

Avoid this mistake: Depending on your hair type, adjust the heat setting on your hairdryer. If you have thin hair, a low to medium setting will work; if you have thicker hair, a higher heat setting and a lower airflow setting will suffice.

Mistake #5: You’re using a low-quality hair dryer

A cheap hair dryer cannot only break off easily but can cause your hair excessive damage as well. Most cheap hair dryers do not feature the technology found in higher-end hairdryers and can only provide a drier type of heat, leaving hair too stiff for styling.

Avoid this mistake: A quality hair dryer lasts longer and does the hair drying faster. Hair Dryers with overheating protection also work wonders to style your hair like you had a full salon blow out without damaging your hair from excess or too much heat. 

We highly recommend you use the American Heritage Professional Hair Dryer Archduchess AHHB-6197. It has a cool shot function that sets cool air and gives your hair a shiny and stylish finish. And you can enjoy a quick salon-style blowout with its 2-heat and 2-speed settings that are perfect for precision styling and fast drying.

Now that you’re aware of these common mistakes when hair-drying your hair, you’ll be able to achieve gorgeous hair-drying results at home without the effort of going to a salon.




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