Surprising Things You Can Make With Your American Heritage Rice Cooker

Would you believe us if we said that rice cookers cook more than just rice?

Yes, they do! In fact, rice cookers are surprisingly versatile and multifunctional. A high-end rice cooker would set you up for life, as it is convenient where you can just toss everything on it and voila...a whole nice meal!

Rice cookers not only prepare your meals, but they also save you time, which is well worth the price.

If you’re wondering what other wonders a rice cooker can do for you, read on to find out and you might even try some of these even with your most basic rice cooker.

The nice thing about rice cookers is that you don't have to do any culinary maneuvers; all you have to do is set a timer or flick down the cook tab and wait until it reaches a warm temperature and is ready to serve. 

Here are some recipes you can test with your rice cooker’s versatility. 

Spanish Omelettes

Just like you can cook a regular omelette in a pan, you can also make an omelette with a rice cooker. Simply whisk the eggs in a bowl, pour them into the rice cooker, and stir in the onions, herbs, or any other ingredients you choose to pour in, and add seasoning to taste.

Full recipe:

Mac and Cheese

In a rice cooker, combine chicken broth and pasta and simmer until the liquid is absorbed (usually takes 15 minutes). Pour in the milk and cheese as soon as the liquid has been absorbed. Add more milk if you want your mac and cheese to be more creamy.

Full recipe:

Breakfast Oats

Fill the rice cooker halfway with water and add the oats. Season with a pinch of salt and set aside to simmer. If you want your oats to be softer, add extra water until they reach your desired consistency. Stir in some fruits, nuts, or grains of your choosing once it's reached your desired consistency.

Full recipe:

Country Style Ribs

Heat the olive oil in the rice cooker pan. Toss in the brown sugar and roll the ribs in it, ensuring they are fully coated. Cook the ribs till golden once they've been coated. The beer, BBQ sauce, and Worcestershire sauce can then be added. Secure the cover and press cook once the mixture has foamed up. After cooking, let aside for 15 minutes to allow the sauce to thicken slightly.

Full recipe:

These are just among the countless things you can do with your rice cooker. Rice cookers have evolved and have given us smarter and more convenient ways of cooking that simplified our life,  so it’s important to invest in a good one.

If you're looking for a versatile and heavy-duty rice cooker to cook a variety of recipes,  check out our very own 1.0L Rice Cooker Stainless Cover HERC-6023 that comes with an automatic cooking and warming system and is equipped with overheat safety protection designed to detect the surface of a heating bar and protect the heater from damages.




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