Does UV Light In Dishwashers Really Help Sanitize Dishes?

With the convenience that so many dishwashers give today, people have been able to reduce their dishwashing chores. Nevertheless, ensuring the dishes come out clean is another concern. 

While most people believe that dishwashers properly clean dishes, certain research suggests that this is not the case. Several studies suggest that after years of usage, dishwashers can retain mold and dangerous bacteria. Yikes!

This is true for the majority of dishwashers, even though they use high temperatures, detergents, or water jets. It can still be a source of household cross-contamination, which can eventually lead to larger medical consequences.

As a result, most companies incorporated a new creative technique to combat germs and bacteria as a solution to this problem--the use of disinfecting UV lights in dishwashers!

But how effective are UV lights in terms of sanitizing dishes? Glad you asked!

UVC at 254 nm (nanometers)  has been proven in studies to be efficient against all foodborne pathogens, natural microbiota, molds, and yeasts. Because microorganisms differ in size and form, which impacts UV absorption, the time required to kill each species varies.

UV sterilization also works by breaking down chemical connections and altering the structure of DNA, RNA, and proteins, preventing microorganisms from multiplying. When a microbe is unable to replicate, it is termed dead since it can no longer reproduce within a host and is thus no longer contagious.

You may benefit from dishwashers equipped with UV light for this purpose, as they may destroy up to 99.9% of dangerous germs, giving you peace of mind that no microorganisms can contaminate your dishes and threaten your health. 

To that end, the American Heritage 35L Dish Washer with UV Light & High-Temperature Disinfection AHDW-6256 is designed and developed with an ultra-clean hygienic edge with its 5 washing programs and UV Light Disinfection feature, which will prove useful in preventing bacterial growth and protecting your family's health from any bacteria.




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